Earthquake hits island where Cristiano Ronaldo is isolating

Cristiano Ronaldo prior ventured out to Portugal to visit his mum who endured a stroke, and the coronavirus left him bolted on the island. An island that, to top everything, just endured a slight seismic tremor.

The tremor, of a 3.5 greatness, occurred on Sunday morning, without causing noteworthy harm, past the legitimate panic that accompanies every seismic tremor.

It was one more alarm for the month to overlook that Cristiano Ronaldo is living. To begin with, it was the stroke that his mom endured, and afterward the updates on his constrained segregation in his local Madeira.

The seismic tremor had its focal point only 49 kilometers from Funchal, the capital of Madeira, and was marginally felt in Lisbon and the Canary Islands.