Neymar comes clean as he releases chats with the lady who accused him of rape

Neymar just published a video denying the rape allegations, and he actually shows all the whatsapp messages with the girl from first to last. 100% transparency, and tbh, Neymar seems to be a very nice guy in the convo, and this girl seems to be very VERY keen on sex with Ney

Por motivo de extorsão estou sendo obrigado a expor minha vida e família…

There are even messages where she and Neymar talks about the sex they had and that she wants him to come by her hotel for more sex. You cant get more evidence of consent than this.. theres also a bunch of nudes and sexting. Neynaughty, but he seems to be extremely innocent.
Let it be clear: The woman that claims Neymar raped her is the one begging for his d*ck on whatsapp. Hes down and eager too, but shes definitely on board and actually pushing for it. Ney asked if she wanted to bring a friend, so that she wouldnt have to be bored when hes working
Which she rejected and said she would be fine on her own and find something to do. Reading these messages it kinda seems like Neymar was kind of in love with this girl, and he was being very polite and nice with her. The conversation last for over 2 months before Paris.

To clarify: What cleans Neymars name here is the messages the woman sent AFTER they had sex, talking about how good it was, how much she wants to f**k him again and that she barely can wait for it to happen again. A rape victim wouldnt send these messages.
This picture shows Neymar arriving at the hotel (Chegando) then follows messages after they sex where they joke a bit and she says “theres still 3 you should meet. This was the calm one.” then Neymar says “Ofcourse we will have sex again. I hope its today ahahaha”.

Neymar: Where are you?
Her: Hotel
Neymar: Im very crazy
Her: Come here ffs

Her: You have to come here earlier today because tomorrow we wont be able.

Her: are you still drunk?
Neymar: Hey, im working.
Her: I just arrived at the hotel, im going home tomorrow, find 30 minutes for me today. You will just meet the second one, the last 2 (of the aforementioned 4) we save for a later opportunity hahah

Her: Bring something for my son, his name is Lucca, his a big fan of yours.
Neymar: Ill bring something
Neymar: a lot of clothes
Her: Come and take them off

This last screengrab she begs for Neymar to come over to her hotel with some wine and a loudspeaker to “finish her off”, just moments before shes off for the airport to return to Brazil. All these messages Ive translated here are AFTER they had sex.

You have to give it to Neymar, publicly answering the accusations in a video so shortly after, with evidence and screenvideo, even tho it shows very private (and embarrassing),details about him, sexting, talking about being drunk etc. Great way to clean his name.
Well, it doesnt matter if Neymar raped the girl or not. At the end of the day, the media wants to sell newspapers and clicks, the common fans wont even know about these conversations and Neymars innocence, because its “mainstream” to drag and slag and spit on Neymar.