Nigerian 2019 budget review by Samuel biyi

So, I promised to review the Nigerian budget and point out 100 agencies that are useless and need to be scrapped. I’ve spent over 4 hours going line by line and I can’t. The whole budget is a scam and I’ll shred my passport in the end if I continue.
If you want to know what an MDA is doing or what a government’s priority is, just look at the budget. It is clear that our government don’t know what they’re doing across-board.
Look at this Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute or this Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology with a combined budget of N9bn. I guarantee you that all they do there is buy bread & beans all day.
Bullshittu’s ministry ONLY builds computer centers here and there, even the Nigerian Communications Sattelite agency has 250m for provision of 250 desktop computers “for the purpose of conducting JAMB”. What’s their business with JAMB for God’s sake?
You have a Ministry of Budget and Planning putting up N2bn for “sporting activities”.. With all the pot-bellies there? Ex-militants still being rehabilitated since Jonah’s days for N65bn yearly.
You have the headquarters of one National Board of Arabic and Islamic Studies with N4bn, about the same budget as a whole Yabatech. 60% of the budget of the agencies under the Education ministry is for “research and development”. Scam.
So when we even say only 30% of the budget is “capital expenditure”, we should be thanking God because most of the capital budget is for buying cars, building office buildings and “research and development” because we’re the research capital of the world.
French Language Village, Badagry = N616m. Arabic Language Village, Borno = N627m. National Business & Technical Education Board = N1.6bn, Computer Registration Council = N228m, National Library = N3.5bn… Why do all these things exist?
Our beloved Code of Conduct Tribunal wants to furnish office for N221m and build new office with 154m. Code of Conduct Bureau say they need 500m for governance reform and 500m fo digitization of operations, and someone approved it when the airport is smelling.
When I saw this one their N1.5bn annual budget with them proudly saying they’ve trained over 2,000 people “over the years” (since 1975), I knew the whole document will drive me crazy.
I was only able to through 5% of the document and maybe 5 ministries and maybe 10% of the whole budget makes sense. Every little agency is buying computers and printers and cars every single year for billions.
Ministry of Agriculture. Most of the line items are “promotion and development of X value chain” xxx million. X can be ginger, wheat, castor, leather… a budget line per crop, hundreds of millions each.
If you want to keep hope alive in Nigeria, don’t look at the budget. If your company is having tough times and you choose to go ask your investors (taxpayers) for more money and borrow more instead of burning this budget first, then you’re under a curse.
It’s worse than I thought, guys. It’s bad bad. Save yourselves; activate plan B.
If you want to lose weight quickly, here’s the link for 2018…. Click on 2018 Approved Budget Details.